Tara-Lynn has been sharing some sneak peaks from the upcoming lookbook for her handmade knitwear label Good Night, Day (formerly Yarn Over Movement). they are AMAZING. i can’t stop staring at those chunky knits and sadly sighing about the impending doom of summer.

all photos by Ériver Hijano, shot in film. model: Bryanna Johnson, clothing: Robber, knits: Good Night, Day.


  1. Ooooh I love those loopy ones! And the strawberries and cream one. Sad sighs for nearing of summer here also… Hmmm at least that shabd dress looks cool and airy…

  2. these knits are beautiful. good timing for the post too. it is rainy and chilly in london, might have to pull out the big chunky knits today. x

  3. Sigh. I apologize for being rude in bringing this up, but I wish the model’s signature pose wasn’t to leave her mouth slightly open in every single photo. Looking at all of these in a bulk, it just calls HER to attention as opposed to the whole picture and the knittings that she’s wearing.

  4. thanks so much for sharing these pictures on your blog lady! truly appreciated.
    i’ii have the new knits in the shop for end of septmeber, early october, i’ve been workign my ass off on this. tara-lynn xo

  5. Laura Lynn Reply

    Can we switch places for a few months? I will trade you my northern Canadian winter for your South African summer, resulting in our combined happiness? I am so serious that I will even throw in some fancy hand-knit scarves (in your choice of colours, no less) to seal the deal.

  6. I have been trying to cut down on spending lately, but since Good Night, Day is coming to this handmade fair in my city at the end of this week, I might just have to make an exception for the braided headband (you know, for the Great Canadian Winter) and maybe a sweater from the past collection… They’re just too beautifully crafted to pass up!

  7. amazing !!, literally Tara is just amazing
    i had the chance see them on Puces pop in Montreal and it blew my mind…….

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