just a bit of news! Alison kindly invited me to do a guest post over at Etsy. i love Etsy, i’ve bought a few vintage dresses and other bits and pieces from there over the years – i love the way you can buy directly from a seller and the fact that you’re not limited by the usual we don’t ship internationally problem. but  i have never really explored Etsy thoroughly – so when i was putting together this post i really took advantage of their discovery features like handpicked items,  suggested shops, treasury lists etc etc. it is like going down a never-ending rabbit hole of awesome over there, people. i suggest you get browsing. my lists were inspired by some of my colour coded mood boards over at Pinterest.

Not the Nine o'Clock News

the other exciting bit of news is that i’m in the South African Marie Claire this month as their featured About A Blog! I still have to pinch myself when i see stories about the blog in magazines that i grew up reading & buying every month. it is pretty surreal and kind of grand. many of the photos in the article were taken on my trip to paris last year.

Not the Nine o'Clock News


  1. You are SO deserving of having your blog featured in magazines, etc. – it is without a doubt the best blog out there – well done! x

  2. Congrats on the Mag! Very cool! Thanks for putting the awesome etsy list together. I like etsy but get flustered because there is so much stuff. Love the layout!

  3. Congrats!
    Best blog ever…
    You should have been invited to NYFW!

  4. Carla Santiago Reply

    You deserve all the best, you´re the gratest!

    Congrats and thank you <3

    Hugs from Lisbon,


  5. well deserved! you have such a great eye and a way of putting things together! you should be an editor!

  6. Ahh! How exciting!! Congratulations–what a treat to be featured in MC, you definitely deserve it :)

  7. Dear Diana, I didn’t know about this post, in which you kindly featured my night sky bowl, until a friend posted an excited note on my FB art page yesterday: “oh my GOODNESS, one of my FAVE bloggers [missmoss – she’s HUGEEE] blogged one of your pieces when asked to do a featured post for etsy!!!”

    Needless to say, I’m thrilled – and so enamoured with your unusual and cohesive sensibility. These inspiration boards simply don’t look like anyone else’s. Thank you so much for including me!


  8. Oh, and also – our bathroom was exactly that strange Fitz & Floyd pinkish-orange with a touch of gray from 1962 until about a month ago. It is amazing.

  9. i love how you put this together, great design, let alone the curated content…

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