another thing i have been doing a lot of in anticipation of moving soon, apart from browsing etsy, is actually looking for a new place to stay.* which is a frustrating process, at best. so when i get sick of looking at dingy, overpriced flats i start looking for things that actually inspire me – like these two flats in Cape Town’s CBD designed by architects Wolf & Wolf.

We designed a new penthouse loft apartment in the historic Fruit Growers Building in Cape Town. We explored the concept of re-fabrication, using as much of the existing timber on site and re-working it. The result is our take on what a “Cape Town” style loft apartment is. House Wellington 7C is a compact version of 7B. Here we explore the idea of compact Urban Living. The total area is 50m²

* may as well take this opportunity to appeal to people in the cape town area who are reading this – if you have a flat or know of a flat in cape town that is becoming available next year please email me! that’s the smell of desperation, friends.

House Wellington 7B:

House Wellington 7c:


  1. i know what you mean, i do exactly the same but it has the downside to make the flats i look at even more dingy *sigh*
    anyways, good luck with your research!

  2. Hi Miss Moss

    I am leaving my flat at the end of Jan 2012 and it is my little piece of heaven on earth.
    I love it sooo much and sad to be leaving.

    I’m not sure what you are looking for but it’s a one bedroom with gorgeous wooden floors, spacious, lots of light and cupboard space.

    It’s in High Level Road, Greenpoint.

    Let me know if you are interested and I can let the landlord know.

    Lara x

  3. its funny how when you’re looking for somewhere to live you get so interested in images of living spaces…

  4. I can’t believe that is 50m2, it’s smaller than our house and yet it still looks more spacious. And the woooood, oh to have so much exposed wood, swoon.

  5. Ah, i love those two flats – Wolf and Mel are so clever with little spaces – see the metal railing underneath the counter in the living room part of the space – that’s wear the wood can drop down to become a seat – enough for 10 people, they are so clever. Will def keep an eye/ear out – old or new space? V x

  6. Thanks for sharing – so great to see these kinds of spaces/interiors created locally!

  7. Ha, that’s so weird. I was going to live in flat 7b. My dad almost bought it a few months ago but it was too small us. It’s really really beautiful but there is no parking, just something to consider. Good luck with the hunt.

  8. Oh, to live somewhere that gorgeous and well-designed. My apartment is definitely quite boring on the inside; beige carpets, nondescript light fixtures, linoleum flooring in the kitchen, etc. That said, it is very well-maintained, which is so hard to find (at least here in the US). Good luck on your search!

  9. This apartment has to be the one of the most amazing living spaces I have ever seen!
    And its in my city!

    Surrounded by wood! Its definitely where I want to be living..
    My dream house/apartment for sure!

  10. ninskigirl Reply

    The beauty is I saw this apartment in Elle Decor over 6 years ago and STILL in love with it now when i saw it again. Natural timber just doesn’t ever date!

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