this is a new set of then & now photos from one of my favourite vintage photo collectors Giuseppe Savini. he says,

This is a series of photos I took in Bologna. I thought it was a good idea … then they told me that similar work had already been done … and then I gave up everything. – translated from Italian

it’s true – i have seen these done before, but not with the focus on the people in the photos. i think it’s far more interesting than just seeing the place itself – especially when you view past people in context with present day people.

let’s not forget all the effort Giuseppe must have gone to to track down these spots. so awesome!

all photographs by Giuseppe Savini


  1. I’ve seen a lot of those snapshot-in-photographs lately and this set is really beautiful. I think the fact that the focus is more on people makes it so much more haunting instead of just the architecture. Especially the fourth one from the bottom… considering what was going on at that time politically, what he was thinking, etc. and then how the modern guy is standing there like none of it ever happened. Lovely!!

  2. Oh, so romantic. What an amazing idea and so wonderfully executed! Thanks for posting, Diana!

  3. To me this is the proof that genius always comes from a simple idea. These shots are brilliant! And it’s so heartwarming to see my beloved country in the past. Thank you so much for sharing it Diana!

  4. This is such a nice work. And it’s especially a pleasure to enjoy the images on your blog as they are tagged so largely on his flickr-account, that the whole atmosphere is simply destroyed. Thanks for giving us all the chance to enjoy this.

  5. These pictures have just put a smile on my face! Beautiful!
    I lived and studied in Bologna for some months 2 years ago, I miss it :)

  6. thanks for sharing. i followed the link to the original flickr set, and it’s impossible to look at because of the ugly watermark half the size of each picture. thank goodness the pictures in your blog entry don’t have it.

    • oh wow, i didn’t even realise. he must have altered them after i posted about them. that makes me quite sad actually. just wanted to share the goodness.

  7. These are absolutely beautiful. The antique images imposed onto the modern images, evoke a feeling that the figures of the past are still lingering, yet unseen. I adore the river, canoe image. So lovely!

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  10. This is so beautiful. Thank you girl, greetings from Argentina

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