i don’t have designated sleepwear, but rather rely on the trusted leggings / undies + t-shirt / vest combo. it might be time to invest in some quality pj’s, though… these beauties are from Pop-Lin.

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  1. I’ve also really been wanting to have a lovely, comfy something to sleep in as opposed to my BF’s shirts and this one pair of pajama pants no one but me likes. That rose colored top is calling my name..

  2. Oh my stars.
    The 8th image is a must have!

    You always come across the most brilliant things. Thanks for sharing


  3. oh wow. yes. i’m exactly the same – worn out jersey dresses and leggings with holes become trusty sleepwear in my world. but these are just gorgeous.

  4. but these are so cute and comfy i’d never take them off! then they wouldn’t be pjs at all

  5. i dunno about sleep ware, but these ladies have amazing hair. that little busier top thing is too nice for sleeping in!

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