spotted the studio of Danish artist Tenka Gammelgaard over at mackapär and emmas designblogg this week. the fact that she paints her paint brushes is pretty much the cherry on top for me.

images from mackapäremmas designblogg and tenka’s blog.


  1. What an amazing studio! My dream is to have a spotless house but a studio that is organized chaos. This is gorgeous.

  2. That’s an amazing studio – I’ll admit though, that bookshelf with the binders may drive me batty with how it leans

  3. She’s great. I did a post on her some time ago too. I could just move right into her studio.

  4. Wow, this studio is OUT OF THIS WORLD! AMAZING.
    You really need to create a great place to work creatively in there :)

  5. Wow! After seeing such an inspirational photos&studio I feel like staying at mine and create. (Okay, I’m tired of life &sick of people so anyway I wouldn’t go out these days ^_^)

  6. I can’t imagine how creative one must feel in a studio like that. Those paint brushes are fantastic!

  7. I love love the black and white and yellow. And the painted brushes are the cherry on top for me too!

  8. insane. what an amazing aesthetic! the brushes make me feel like this is a woman who very much knows what she likes. freaking stellar. also love the dotty looking journal or whatever that is in the bottom left corner of the 5th photo.

  9. Oh my, what a studio, you couldn’t help but be creative in there – unless that is you just end up staring at the prettyness instead!

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