Garnett has just released their Late Fall 2011 Lookbook… i am very much into their gold necklaces.

i am also very much into their model’s hair.


  1. Me too for sure…the necklace and the hair. Mine is so straight that any kind of body I’m immediately drawn to.

  2. Wow, these are so beautiful. I saw the first necklace on Tumblr but I had no idea where it was from. I love how minimal yet gorgeous these pieces are

  3. the necklaces are really amazing…. and the lighting has a sort of magical element to it too, like a woodland nymph-feel. lovely.

  4. fablefairy Reply

    yip 6th from the bottom i have SERIOUSLY coveted since on etsy in june. “size too small” blog told me about them then. saw them again a month ago on “where the awesome things are” featured garnett and i started missing it again. asked 2 sa jewellers to interpret something similar to it, but they chose not too which i understood! tried to send them to cananda via my sil who was visiting next week. sigh. seeing again makes me miss them :) hate sa custom duties making unaffordable. IT SUCKS

  5. The model’s hair IS so beautiful, it makes me want to get a perm…
    and agree about spain/paella…we definitely went to a dumb restaurant. i mean it was cool but too touristy. the best experiences we had were when we just ran in to something cool and decided to try it and/or took a recommendation from a local. the best way to go def!

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