inspired by this post by lauren about francoise gilot i decided to do some vintage picasso hunting – and of course the life archives delivered. picasso lived in the town of vallauris on the french riviera for 7 years where he created ceramics at the madoura workshop (amongst other things of course – the man was nothing if not prolific). francoise is pictured in this series of photographs taken in 1949 by gjon mili, though she eventually left picasso after a myriad of infidelities.


  1. what a stunning post
    his eccentricity just glows and I love it!

  2. The number of topless photos makes me happy for some reason – maybe when I’m that old and famous, I won’t worry about wearing a shirt either?

  3. Oh, these are truly magical. I love the double exposures. I feel like I know him a bit looking at these….?! and the light exposures are pretty pretty amazing.

  4. Have you ever read Life with Picasso? My mom got it for me when I was on a biography kick one summer, and it’s one of my favorites!

  5. A huge picasso exhibit was just touring the US and I was lucky enough to live across from it in Richmond and got to go multiple times (thanks VMFA membership!)

  6. I’ve always thought Picasso was such a cutie. Especially that photo of him with bread hands. :D

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  8. Timely post. This photography style has made a comeback in wedding photography (although obviously not as creative as these)

  9. love the light photos I’ve never seen those before. How was that done without him being a blur in the background? Fun and beauty….

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