i’ve been trying to make the blog a bit more fun to explore since there are almost 2000 posts stretching back 3 years littered all over the place. so now if you click on a post, you will see ten related posts with handy thumbnail previews pop up in the sidebar to your left. i hope that this helps you discover posts you’ve never seen before, and that it will be especially handy to those of you who are new visitors to the blog (hello!)

so if you’re reading this via rss please remember to click on a post if you like it, because you’re bound to find more of the same in the now-magical-sidebar. i must admit that i actually got lost in my own archives testing these puppies out…

the screenshot below is of this sting posthelloooo sting. helloooooo jeremy irons.

… i hope a few of you get the plethora joke.

oh and if there is any way i can make the blog even more magical and user friendly for you guys please let me know in the comments. on an unrelated note – can you believe it’s almost december & the end of the year? what the what!


  1. ok about the joke, is it a word play about the fact that plethora (many) sound like “whore” ?

    otherwise good job on the rabbit hole, it’s perfect !
    and about something i would improve, i would say a more vivid background colour maybe ?
    i think your blog is so quality, and tasteful, but lately this grey mood feels a bit sadish..

    keep up the wonderful work !


  2. Hehe love it! Everything looks great. I wish I had better skills in HTML and CSS. Perhaps a tutorial or two in the future for us more ignorant folks?

  3. Wow, I’m impressed. And as a fairly new reader, I’m excited to explore! Love your blog and am so glad I found it :)

  4. I didn’t know your blog could become even more awesome. Yeesh you’re killing me.

  5. I dont know if I can find the right words to describe this blog….I have a word …but this is also greek…the most “kalesthiton” (kalos+aesthisis) which means beauty +feeling it creates, blog I ever come across. Thank u for sharing.

  6. I deliberately googled to find this post so that I can say this: Love the Related Posts feature. Everyday, I will click on a few to see what posts I have missed in the past. I gotta say, just when I think I’ve seen all of them, I find another one that is awesome. Now I am just leaving the blog open in a tab, ready to be viewed.

    @Margarita, you so nailed it with Miss Moss’ blog. I always tell myself, when I want to feel beautiful, I visit this blog.

    Thanks for all you do, D!

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