i don’t know whether to high five or punch nic grobler (of bicycle portraits, who i posted about here) for introducing me to the gahetNA National Archives. high five because it’s AWESOME, of course, or punch because i lost hours of my life browsing its magnificence.

i decided to start off with a simple keyword – strand meaning beach in dutch (having afrikaans on my side helps in this case, but google translate should get you on the right track) in order to get some vintage summer psyching going on.


  1. these images are insain. My heart is racing scrolling through this post. I love the one of the two ladys hugging in maxi skirts. There is so much going on behind them.

  2. Oh, these are fabulous. I can see how it’d be easy to get lost – thanks for taking some of the work out for us & showing your favorites. :)

  3. these vintage photos are lovely, now you have another place to dig and dig through, awesome looks like a great archive

  4. This is so gloriously a girly selection of photos. I love the frilly swim wear and the girls checking out the hot guy walking past. It could be a vintage inspired shoot.

  5. Thanks for showing me that archive! What a great place for vintage photos. I posted an inspiration post of my own about fall. :)


  6. These are so great! Why are vintage photos just so fun? I wish going to the beach could still be like this…

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  8. Thank you for being my faithful internet curator. *sigh* yours is the ultimate blog. I am smitten everytime. Pretty much the only blog I frequent for consistent deeper beauty.

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  12. Robert Kornblum Reply

    I think the couple walking on the beach are ballet dancers. They might be a
    Russian Company on tour in Monte Carlo. Can anyone name them?

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