i am subscribed to a lot of blogs. a LOT of blogs. it is not unusual for my reader to shout at me that i have 1000+ unread items. actually it’s more like i’m shouting at my reader because i have 1000 unread items, right? anyway, i keep that shit organised, son. everything is sorted into folders according to theme. you might say i have google reader ocd.

there is however one folder that only has about 20 feeds in it – my favourites. blogs i will read every day, no matter what, no matter how little time i might have. whether it’s during a work break, or while i’m nursing a cup a coffee – these are my go-to sites. Turned Out by Maya is one of them.

“a little website that aims to inspire with daily posts of street style photographs and profiles on interesting people with great personal style (in cities like) Sydney, Paris, New York, Auckland and Berlin.”

so says Maya Villiger, a self-taught photographer originally from Switzerland. looking through her photos gives you the feeling like Maya is pals with all the girls she photographs – or at least i like to think she is.

all photographs by Maya Villiger


  1. Been following her for years … so unpretentious and nonfussy … she sees the beauty in old gray sweatshirts and overalls. Love.

  2. i love that site so much too. i am also subscribed to too many blogs out there but i never have time to clean everything up. le sigh. so glad you featured maya’s work here! she’s fab.

  3. great find. and just for the record, you aren’t the only google reader ocd-er. i kept hiding my “theme folders” from people but then when i used my roommate’s computer the other day, i noticed she had the same categories. we’re all doing it. organizing our addiction. (:

  4. I love her too – every photo is so inspiring in a “go and live it” type of way.

  5. so funny, taking a wee break from all the too much knitting, to read my go to blogs, just
    read turned out & now its here to miss moss! you are always on my must read blog list!
    i couldn’t agree more about turned out, what i wouldn’t give to look so stunning sans make-up & carefree always, like all gals she photographs, they are always so much the epitome of coolness.

  6. my google reader categories: fashion, design, people, tumblr, food, music, entertainment, other, kids, illustration, creators and, finally, important. which is my version of your “favourites” folder. i’m so ocd about ALL of my internet activities. but in an extremely awesome way that i’ve perfected to an art to see the most amount of content in the least amount of time. that’s why it’s sucked to not have a computer, because i’ve been thrown asunder from my typical internet routine.

  7. Her photos are so natural! It definitely takes a certain type of person behind the camera to put their subject at ease!

  8. Thanks for introducing this blog, great photos! Also, I’m inspired to use google reader now, is it crazy that I haven’t even tried it yet?

  9. good picks from her large collection. your feature is great; I agree that there is an intimacy to Maya’s photos that is not equally prominent in all street style photography.
    would you please feature the other 19 favorite blogs as well? over time, of course.
    yours is in my special folder. thanks for your voice.

  10. You were describing me in that first paragraph! And having a favorites folder is pretty smart. Must do that too (I too organize all my blogs into folders, we’re nuts).

  11. At the moment I’m SO behind on my blog reading (I had something like 5000 unread posts in my reader). It’s impossible to read them all – yet it’s so difficult to get rid of any. Actually, I’m not sure how many I read – probably around 200 (17 different folders!). So, I need to stop trying with a few. Anyway, Turned Out is one of my favorites, too, and one I try to read often.

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