apologies for the radio silence since tuesday – i’ve been catching up with friends before everyone disperses for the holidays and have also been wandering around cape town in search of the last of my christmas gifts. the most torturous thing about all this shopping is that i have to constantly hold back from buying numerous things for myself – especially when i was browsing around the many antique shops in kalk bay.

so when i came across this amazing autumn lookbook for Browns from 1988/89sweetly asked my boyfriend if he had a tenner on him so i could take it home (R10 is about $1.20, so it was a steal really). i absolutely love beautifully styled lookbooks, and this one just proves that having a batch printed on good quality paper is so worth it – because 23 years later someone is going to find it in a second hand shop or in a box in their mom’s attic and marvel at how relevant the fashion, photography and art direction still is.

concept: jill holmes and david waldon. design and art direction: david waldon. typography: judy harrison. models: marie-sophie, rob michael, saffron. photography: by perry ogden. designers: jean paul gaultier, byblos, donna karan, genny, norma kamali, moschino, christian lacroix, callaghan, claude montana, jil sander, azzedine alaia, go silk, sonia rykiel, romeo gigli, comme des garcons. commissioned by: young & rubicam, london. photographed in luggala house, co. wicklow, ireland july 1988.


  1. Wow wow wow! Such dark glamour. Thanks for sharing – there is nothing like a covert little find. Makes you feel like it’s fate.

  2. This is so great! I think I would lose my mind if I could find a bunch of cool old lookbooks. Even better than magazines!

  3. This is really great! Thanks so much for sharing in such detail! Another magazine that has decidedly 80s and infinite cool content is ‘Encens’ magazine, you can read it for free online! It’s super expensive in stores but worth it because they have really good articles. http://encensrevue.com/

  4. Wow – it could be taken from some of the current collections, and women are wearing trousers and jackets in very similar ways now as then. It’s good inspiration. My aunt just gave me several suits she wore in the late 80s/early 90s. Very good stuff, YSL and Donna Karan, Sonia Rykiel, etc. and we were thinking I would look current and this gives me more hope (I was a tiny bit doubtful).

  5. Bonny Flame Reply

    Lady, that look book is the steal of the season! I particularly love the use of kooky props (hello, elephant head and chinese dragon!) – kids these days LOVE that shit! Me being one of them. I love that the clothes were styled as such sophisticated outfits, yet the models still had so much loose, carefree fun with their subjects. A perfect example of what fashion should be – slightly awe-inspiring, yet approachable. Thank you for sharing!

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  7. God! I cant believe this is happening. I am a fashion deigner, but fifteen years ago I was a sailor at Juan Sebastian Elcano boat (read the name at the sailors hat). Once we sttopped in Hout bay, Simmon’s Town and Cape Town.
    It’s a incredible picture for me, mixing my old and new world! Many thanks
    Greetings and smiles from Barcelona.
    We follow your blog every day!!


  8. Super find! What fun art direction/photography and the clothes are totally relevant and modern today, amazing.

  9. Hi, I was the art director who designed the Browns brochure.

    It was a crazy and slightly stressful few days in Ireland and we just made it up as we went along. Meeting Chinese acrobats, Spanish sailors and other interesting people along the way. I then had to make sense of it all once I arrived back in London.

    My favourite shot is the Norma Kamali outside the Cafe. Lots of the shots I chose were out takes that just had something about them.

    The models were a joy and the end result was really gratifying. I only have 1 copy of the brochure left as I gave away quite a few to friends over the years. It’s so nice that the brochure is still giving people a lot of pleasure.

    Glad you like it

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