it’s a public holiday today in south africa and i’m officially on holiday! which means i now have to start doing my christmas shopping. as much as i inwardly groan thinking about the crowds, truth is i love giving people gifts. and, well, i enjoy receiving gifts too… here are a few things from my sponsors i would love to find in my christmas stocking.

a special secret edition necklace by Erica Weiner for Of a Kind – you have to be a subscriber to their newsletter to shop this one. i love receiving their newsletter every friday to see the new editions.

new pink marbled leather pieces at Ann-Ya. YES!

MOR perfume oils at Eden. i would want these based on packaging alone.

vintage brooches from Jean Jean Vintage

any and all dresses at Edelweiss by Sarah.

ruby lingerie set at Fortnight Lingerie (high waisted panties = yes)



  1. I nearly spit out my tea when I saw my brooches here. Such a delight! I do think the Ann-Ya clutch wins the day, though. Marbled leather – brilliant!

  2. I’m on their [amazing] newsletter and I haven’t received an e-mail yet about the Erica Weiner necklace. It’s so beautiful, I want it!

    • Never mind – on their FB page it says that it will be released on Sunday. Woo~ Also adding that I love this entire post. Fortnight Lingerie is gorgeous!

  3. Your taste is just always spot-on! Ever since Hannah Metz started her lingerie line, I’ve been obsessed with vintage-inspired underpinnings. I’d never heard of Fortnight Lingerie before, and their pieces are gorgeous. I’m also loving Anja’s pink marbled leather pieces; I snapped up a set of kitty coasters for my sister a few days ago.

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