i discovered australian label Dress Up while browsing through the website of studio And, who designed the beautiful A/W 11 lookbook. so many things i love about fashion and design are completely encapsulated here.

Once described as clothes for ‘the girl who thinks’, Dress Up is subtle, private and considered in its every detail. The label was conceived in 2006, by designer Stephanie Downey. Driven by a desire to create clothing that reflects human emotion, hers is a more sensitive, artistic approach to fashion. When we ‘dress up’, countless images learned and copied are compiled to create something personal and unique. Dress Up is inspired by this inherent human expression, both powerful and vulnerable.

the SS 11/12 collection is also amazing…


  1. Wow, I love their lookbook. Totally refreshing to see their physical booklet too, the design is great. Reminds me a lot of Japanese sewing/pattern books with their simple styling.

  2. Oh, she’s so anorexic.. :/ The message these pictures send mostly makes me sad.

  3. Lovely, lovely. Their motto is refreshing. Their designs have me hooked. Love the camel skirt & pants and those printed pants and the blue sweater dress… and all the S/S things – every last one.

  4. What’s the point of beautiful clothes when the model might die tomorrow?

  5. Her nasty looking body is distracting. Especially the top right photo–who green-lighted this?! The clothes are okay.

  6. Clothes are nice, and yes the model is frightening. Image what she must look like in reality. The camera adds about 10 pounds. Wow, I feel sorry for her.

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