my pinterest obsession reached a peak at one stage and has now mellowed down to occasional pinning in order to remember interesting things i’ve seen around (that i usually don’t blog about) – mostly great design work that usually makes me quite jealous of awesomely talented people. this first quote in particular is at the forefront of my mind, obviously for the cool hand lettering – but more-so because of the message.

this time of year always leaves me thinking, what next? what didn’t i do in the past twelve months that i should have and could have done already? it’s sort of sad to admit your shortcomings but also exciting to think that you could do anything you wanted to today, not tomorrow. i’m a master procrastinator and i often let my calendar make excuses for me – i’ll start on monday, next week, next month, in the new year. this is a handy reminder not to let it control you.

of course pinning doesn’t help my procrastination habit, which is why the second quote is applicable.


  1. Oh my God ! Same SAME feeling ! I should print both of them and stick them on my wall to make it impossible to avoid !

  2. thank you, thank you, thank you. I needed to here that so much.

  3. I am the same way. I like to procrastinate until I leave myself just enough time to finish the project. No less and no more. Just enough. I try to be better about it but it is a tough habit to break.

    Cheers! Here is to a new year and less procrastination :)

  4. Huh, that second one really hits home. Now I can admit that my year has been a bit lacking as well, self-inflicted of course.

  5. The second one is like a smack in the face to me. I am positively riddled with inspiration on a daily basis, and like many people, very rarely act on any of it. I recently started using my neglected white board to put up quotes I like. You can bet that one will be up there next.

  6. These really sum it all up-but at least glad to know others feel the same and I am not alone!

  7. Nice quotes.I have a file on my desk named “word” with lot of quotes such as these. Ans I’m quite a Queen of procrastination myself so I realle enjoy putting these on my phone as my desktop just to remind me to move my ass ! ;)
    Have a nice day

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