i’m going away for a couple of weeks to the seaside on boxing day, so this will be the last these things of the year.  i love the way things slow down at this time of year, even on the internet, but  for those of you still around and checking in on your readers don’t despair – i’ve made sure to set up some new posts while i’m away. have a great holiday everyone!

vintage gift wrapping via cath’s round up of cute christmas wrapping:

honor pre-fall 2012:

this amazing shot of the quirky stylista:

let it be beautiful – songs of the beatles rewritten as short stories & essays via anabela:

iris tsante via art hound:

everything about this girl:

accordian calendar by the indigo bunting:

grain design via design for mankind:

cold spring apothecary via honey kennedy:

furze chan paper art via dear golden:

her amazing outfit (except the shoes, gotta say):

julia kostreva’s notebooks & daily planners:

the cutest birthday cake i ever did see:

floral leather peter pan necklace by ampris loves:

and finally, i really enjoyed kate’s best songs of 2011 mix:


  1. Frances White Reply

    happy summer holidays lovely miss moss! thank you for sharing the bright and beautiful things that you find, make, do and love! and thank you for the music! *big smile* your blog is a favourite favourite :)

  2. Wow! That wrapping paper is amazing. I would love to receive a present that looked like that. Another great list generally. Have a happy Christmas!

  3. Happy Christmas lovely Miss Moss and may your wonderful blog continue to brighten my day in 2012! xx

  4. love love the notebooks! And the expression of that chap and his son, heads almost doing a 360′ as they gape at the quirky stylista > priceless.

  5. It was a great honour to be on your blog (saying it on behalf of my floral collar necklace)! It brightened up my day – the whole week of Christmas holiday to be exact :)

    A big THANK-YOU & hope you had an awesome start of the year! Love love everything in your blog as usual!

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