Covers etc is one of my favourite flickr streams to browse as it combines my love for vintage, design and, occasionally, salaciousness all into one. there are some seriously saucy book covers over there (admittedly my favourites, most of which i won’t post here due to the boobs factor) – but also an array of beautiful illustrative work and good ol’ mid-century design.

all images courtesy of Covers etc


  1. I absolutely love vintage book covers, especially the ones that are moth-eaten around the edges. I am reading a book in bed at the moment that has shed several pages already. Oops.

    The girl on The Drop Out cover has the same nose as me!

  2. Many thanks for the post!
    Actually am reading the Simone de Beavoir’s book – i wish it had this cover! It would have set a completely different atmosphere for this book.
    Amazing what a bookcover can do

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