old love is a great tumblr for a quick and sometimes surprising browse (linda evangelista & kyle maclachlan? really?)


  1. I’ve watching your blog for a while ,I want to say i really like your blog,and it’s like everyday candy to me,so sweet:-)

  2. ha! i just started following old love too. i definitely looked through the archive allllll the way back to the first post the night i found it.

  3. ShanShannon Reply

    linda dated Kyle during the twin peaks years, love them both.

  4. Hah! :) I do remember Linda and Kyle. I used to have them framed… from a Donna Karan ad series. I might still have those somewhere… Demi and Bruce were in the same series, too. :)


  5. I remember seeing many photos of linda evangelista & kyle maclachlan in the old copies of Vogue I used to buy from a secondhand bookshop. On a side note, Vogue was also so much more aesthetically interesting in the 90s.

    great find diana!

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