i find myself quite drawn to this apartment that was for sale on Alvhem. it’s probably because i’m so used to seeing hundreds upon hundreds of minimalistic white (scandanavian) spaces all over the internet (which i love). the mix of pale pink wallpaper and that amazing green print, along with hints of black on white really makes for a nice combination.


  1. probably the most beautiful space i have seen in a looong time! absolutely gorgeous!

  2. This place is beautiful. I think if I had a ton of white space I would take advantage of all the fun wallpaper designs out there too.

  3. Oh yes yes yes! I think this is pretty much my dream apartment. The only change I would make is that the wallpaper in the living/tv room would be like a cream color instead of pinkish. Other than that may I please live there?

  4. As much as I like the pale pink walls, if I could have one thing from this house it would be that lily of the valley wallpaper. It’s perfect.

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  6. Both the title of your post and the colour in the first pic stopped me in my tracks. Love these images – i’ve just ordered a roll of wallpaper with pink flamingoes on it for a bathroom – decided it was time for some pretty. V x

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