i’m still in the midst of the exciting yet frustrating process of finding a new apartment. there are so many boxes that i’d like the new place to tick, a budget that requires sticking to and the fact that i’m basically competing with half of cape town’s general population who all seem to want a new place to stay, too. so, ya know, it’s pretty stressful.

that’s why i sat down with a cup of coffee, donned some noise cancelling earphones, put on helplessness blues and started compiling a these things. well… it’s sort of a these things, nice things, bumper fashion mash up. it’s the entire internet in one blog post.

GHONGJORD leather bags & accessories made in germany:

pocket totems by handy maiden are one of those things that makes me think i am a completely ridiculous person for loving, but i do:

kid’s coat hanger at theo via erin:

this fifties illum wikkelso rocking chair from sit and read via lena:

amazing work by lukas peet via weekday carnival:

kristina has been sharing so much of her beautiful art lately, what a treat:

abbey brown packaging by paige foley via design work life:

the five & dime identity design by bravo company:

tom and ashleigh went to maremoto and she had this tasty lookin’ salad:

i love brian’s photography so much, and this post in particular made me sigh sigh sigh:

julia child’s kitchen photographed by jenelle:

how to throw yourself a pity party by wit + delight. brilliant:

digging the lauren moffat spring 2012 lookbook via jen. that skirt! silver hasbeens!

also, notably, the sessun spring 2012 lookbook via jess:

ainslie wood co. via anabela:

the falconwright lookbook via mallory:

simple suede pouch by baggu for of a kind:

really into these haversack bags by southern field industries:

enjoyed this q&a with louis of lapin de lune at la mignonette:

cross-stitch fashion ads by inge jacobsen for georg jensen (recognise freja?):

this stylish couple. i mean, really. this is where that pity party comes in:

this stylish gal:

her skirt (and general vibe) is perfection:

prada went all out and got willem dafoe, gary oldman, adrien brody & jamie bell to walk their runway:

(photo by the sartorialist)

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  1. What a great ‘these things’.
    I think my Saturday evening will be spent perusing all these links. Doesn’t sound like such a bad idea, really…

  2. Very nice collection, I discovered a bunch of drulling worthy stuff here!

    And good luck for your flat, I know what you’re talking about, it seems impossible, but you just need the one…


    Alex @ Harvested

  3. As Mik would say, “you can’t always get what you want, but if you try, sometimes you might get what you need.” There are certain elements that can’t be changed, like how many windows and what direction the sun shines through them or where the walls are, etc. Just nail down the most important things that can’t be modified and be flexible with the rest of it.

  4. that photo session (the blue hour) is divine. now I want to go cook dinner, simply and beautifully.

  5. Hi Diana,
    I feel you. I’ve been looking for my own place for weeks that turned into months. It seemed like everybody wanted to do the same thing, all this competition, it really stressed me out too. This constant feeling of having to fight, not being able to let go of it even for one day because what if this is The day? Plain awful.
    But you’ll find nice place, I’m sure. I did, after all. After I had lost all my hope I came upon this ad on some site I’ve never heard of with some ridiculously low price for a studio. I called, I made some arrangements and I’ll be painting all of my walls white tomorrow. It’s tiny, but it’s mine, so I’m very excited.
    For the last couple of days I’ve been browsing your “Living” section archives, they’re really inspiring, especially since we seem to have similar taste. I wanted to thank you for doing what you do, I really appreciate it.
    I can’t wait then to hear that you found perfect place and, of course, for all those posts that you’re going to put together regarding decoration and furniture and plants and so on.
    Don’t lose hope! Place for you is somewhere there, for sure.

  6. willem dafoe, gary oldman, adrien brody & jamie bell on the runway is possibly the only time I’ve been interested in runway models :)

    I hear you about the pain of apartment-hunting, having been there before. It’s all so thoroughly exhausting – I highly recommend a small pity-party to vent.

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  8. Oh My God, first I never comment but I ought to because I love the website. It’s always just the perfect thing!
    For example, how to throw yourself a pity party!!! I am going to proceed to that immediately. I just got too big for my jeans (ripped them!), had the worst writing class followed by a horrible first day of ballet and cried all the way home (luckily it was dark and deserted) and all my friends live far away and really I just want to go to tomorrow and give it another go but then I got home and realized how awful it all was…and cried again. I rarely cry so this was especially awful. I felt like I was crying about the ice caps melting too (like just chuck it all in- all the bad stuff is now happening to me this very second). This sounds like I’m very young but I’m actually mid twenties. Some days are not on our side.

    So I’m going to take a shower, toss on a comfy sweater, get some red wine and mochi ice cream, and watch Merry Christmas, Mr Lawrence with a hot toddy.

    • “I felt like I was crying about the ice caps melting too”

      oh man, i know the feeling! I’m sorry you had such a bad day. sometimes a good cry is the only way to feel better. and you WILL feel better (unless you drank too much red wine)

  9. William DaFoe on the catwalk?! Ahhhhh love!! Loving the pity party too.

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