i haven’t had the chance to wish all of you a happy new year, mostly because i was planning on staying away from my computer the entire holiday (the posts that have been magically appearing every day were set up before christmas). but of course i couldn’t stay away… too much relaxing, reading and what not just makes me itch to do something, so i decided to redesign the blog yesterday – for those of you reading in rss please take a look! then i had a quick browse around the net too, because i can’t help myself, which resulted in a snappy things i like right now.

Things I Like Right Now

1. yesterday lizzie announced the launch of her long-awaited book tomboy style (based of course on her wonderful blog) – it will be available in april, so get your pre-ordering on.

2. i’m enjoying tom’s skin & salt series.

3. kate and her brother made a covers album. i actually have no words for how great this is.

4. i love love love hila’s new year resolutions post.

5. this wedding seen at wolf eyebrows & honey kennedy. the bride is wearing valentino s/s 2011.

6. alex hercovitch’s apartment in sao paolo.

7. sophie woodrow ceramics.

8. i’m constantly obsessing over bright midi skirts. not maxi skirts… midi skirts.

9. a wishbone necklace… good luck for a new year.

10. ikahn vintage.

11. the wawa circle scarf hand knitted by good night day.

12. what else have i been doing this holiday? playing hours upon hours of skyrim.


  1. aww, thanks diana :)

    and how amazing is kate’s cover album with her brother? is there anything this lady can’t do?

    i’m digging this new blog design too, very neat!

  2. i just love reading “THINGS I LIKE RIGHT NOW” i really like the way you display them…those circles…i save most of them :)
    congrats on the new look of the blog, simple and fresh!
    happy new year! happy new 2012!

    p.s hila’s new year resolutions post is so inspiring! thank you for sharing :)

  3. Thanks for sharing so much wonderful things! Happy New Year! :)
    I feel so good not looking at your blog for a while and then discover A LOT OF amazing stuff! <3

  4. The most beautiful things I’ve seen on the internet, I have found them here.
    Thank you for sharing!
    May you have an inspiring and succesful year in 2012.
    Love from México :)

  5. I’ve been playing skyrim too!! I love how many people are playing this game, especially style bloggers. and great list, i’m definitely checking out that wedding!

  6. I know I’m late but I just noticed your header. “Compendium of radness” wow. I think my love for your blog was pretty scary before but now it has risen to a level that is illegal in 49 states.

  7. Aw, thanks Diana!! I loved Hila’s post, too. So many good end of year posts out there this week.

  8. Alex hottie’s apartment in San Paulo is beyond! my eyes thank you

  9. I love that you’re into Skyrim. I’ve been watching Let’s Plays with my BF seeing as how we haven’t quite invested in the game yet.

  10. Nice List! I love Hila’s new years poem, and the bride who wore Valentino
    as well, who wouldnt want that dress? The blog redesign looks great!

  11. my hero! i love your blog/style/everything, haven’t commented ever before but was so excited to see you play Skyrim too! thanks to my nerdy fiance i play a red guard named Yoko <3

  12. Skyrim. Somehow your interest in the game vindicates all the hours my boyf has spent tromping around talking to dragons (he says, ‘thank you’). The new design looks great!

  13. I have loved your blog from afar but it was not until I saw the Skyrim shout out that I realized that I am deeply in love with your blog!

    I spent my entire break also playing Skyrim. I actually work in the video game industry so I get to spend my days in the world of games but Skyrim has raised the bar to a very high level.

    Keep up the good work and let us readers know when you finish the game. I have yet to even get close. I am too busy making potions, food and armour to bother actually doing the quests :)

  14. I completely adore the the valentino’s wedding gown..!

    I see that there are some vintage clothing advertising web sites here in you blog..
    Are there any vintage web sites in that style from Europe? I’d like to buy something but the shipping costs from America are a bit expensive for me

    If you can give me some advice i would really appreciate! :)
    Love your blog,

  15. I’m loving your clean polished design. My only concern is that the letters and font of the main text area is very small. Very hard to read for us older ladies…. Wonderful blog though and look forward to all your posts in the new year!

  16. I’ve been a quiet reader (read: non-commenter) of your blog forEVER!
    It is just wonderful – well done. And I am in solidarity with you about Skyrim…been playing nonstop all holiday!

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