some of my favourite wearing the pants moments of recent weeks

stockholm streetstyle & street peeper

the locals & style sightings

the locals & vanessa jackman

– street peeper one & two

streetstyle aesthetic & citizen couture

street peeper & stockholm streetstyle

stockholm streetstyle & street peeper



  1. These ladies truly wore the pants well. I especially like the girl with the rusty brown colored pants and tomato red socks and the girl with the wide legged denim jeans and violet heels. Swoon. These girls must live in a warmer climate, because it’s getting cold in New York and I can’t dress so lightly like these ladies.

    Happy New Year, Diana! Your blog always serves as a huge inspiration to me.

  2. Great to see my friend Crystal (second row on right) featured wearing our YO VINTAGE! pants :) A great round up of hot stylish ladies and trousers! xx

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