Kristen Marie Tourtillotte is a wedding photographer based in Seattle who got in touch with me recently to share the wedding of Michelle & Ryan, who got hitched at home amongst their friends, family and pets. i loooooooooove this. everything about it is what i love about small weddings – intimate & personal, mimosas & pies, dancing in the backyard… not to mention Kristen’s beautiful photography. i could barely pick my favourites, be sure to check out the entire wedding.


  1. Indeed such special photos of Kristen Marie Tourtillotte !
    She captured exactly the right moments, keeping that days atmosphere alive.
    I love the one were she (Michelle) is allmost at the bottom of the stairs. It even makes me nervous !
    And Michelle and Ryan have such a beautiful taste ! May they grow happily old together : )
    Great post Diana !

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  2. This is everything a wedding should be and I love it… close friends & family, pie, dog and mis-matched chairs. Just perfect, my kind of wedding!

  3. This is absolutely amazing. Not only is every detail about this little wedding incredible, but the photos capture it magically! I’m in loooove! :)

  4. Seriously… the cutest little wedding ever. Absolutely love! And hello Miss Moss, totally love your blog :)

  5. gorgeous: the wedding, the bride, the photos! She is such a talented photographer. And agree with above – I’m obsessed with that peacock chair…

  6. This is truly THE LOVELIEST wedding I have EVER seen! Too bad I couldn’t have one of those!

  7. spectacular. the images are so powerful and filled with feeling. makes me wistful – in the best possible way.

  8. All three of these people (Ryan, Michele and Kristen) are dear friends of mine. So glad you decided to share R & M’s special day with the world. They’re the most fun and loving couple, they open their awesome home to so many and make you feel so comfortable and cozy – I adore them.

  9. Oh my… I was scrolling through and thinking how lovely these are and then I realized that I know the groom, went to high school with him! What a funny surprise. Small world! P.S. I adore your blog so much!

  10. Simply elegant, these images are so thoughtful, they really convey the feeling of a small, intimate wedding. Just lovely, wish I was there!

  11. Oh my gosh, these photos are amazing. The wedding looks amazing, but the mood captured in these photos is incredible. So many amazing element to the wedding, but the sweet dog makes it for me.

  12. Looooooove these picture very very much. I was touched when seeing those pic….
    thanks for sharing.

  13. How amazing and unexpected! I love the last two photos- the colors couldn’t be better. And the third from the last just screams “We did it!”

    Thanks for sharing.

  14. oh wow that brought tears to my eyes, what a beautiful wedding. i’ve fantasized about having an “engagement” party at home but then surprising everyone with a wedding! may still happen yet…hmmmm…..

  15. I love the idea of getting married at home, it’s so cozy and intimate. These pictures are amazing too!

  16. oh wow cool my friend knows her sister or relative i don’t know the relation but yeah i’m from seattle too

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