between march 2010 and february 2011 Mikko Kuorinki formed one new text each week on a wall of the Kiasma museum in Helsinki. these are my favourites – see all of them here.

Joe Brainard: Poem (1971)

Aram Saroyan: Electric poems (1972)

David Foster Wallace: Infinite Jest (1996)

Bertol Brecht: Im Dickicht der  Städte (1923)

Gertrude Stein: Tender Buttons (1914)

Aram Saroyan (1968)


  1. really inspiring. thanks for sharing. The ones you picked are great. I’m also really liking “pleasure may come from illusion but happiness can come only of reality”

  2. my favorite is “IN THE MORNING THERE IS MEANING”…it stuck with me!

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