design i like that seem to have a common thread of pastel colours and bold type.

01: footnote to a project by ok-rm / 02: pino by bond agency / 03: debbie teale id by brogen averill / 04: regina by tsto / 05: teatre cccb by hey studio / 06: literary classics from juniper books / 07: bar milano by established nyc / 08: academy by academy / 09: strata bakery by p.a.r. / 10: studio worldwide by studio worldwide / 11: bear rene by marque / 12: monograph of artist olaf mooij by studio beige


  1. I used to be obsessed with pastel anything back in the day (high school) so glad they are back with a vengance! The little matchbooks are great, these are good inspiration for the business cards I’ve been putting off ordering.
    <3 Kate

  2. always love the compilation of yours but can’t help wonder: what program(s) do you use to create such collage?

  3. love these! pastel is everywhere right now… in terms of design, it always gives me a retro vibe, but in a good way.

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