Irina Lazareanu & Alex James (of Blur) were featured in the spring campaign for Aubin & Wills. what a perfect storm of great hair, awesome styling, lovely clothes and beautiful photography.


  1. That pink dress is AMAZING. These photos are so great. I think I might be visiting the A&W store on the weekend.

  2. I would love to cuddle up in their home. Happy, in love, and pretty. The eyelet blouse with blue cuffs and collar is quite covetable.

  3. i cannot believe how alex james still looks like a boy in his 20s… oh, and irina isn’t half bad either.

  4. sooo beautiful. especially the one of her in the pink dress in front of that green wallpaper. would make an amazing oil painting.

  5. Nice photos, nice composition. However, Irina’s bare feet are too distracting. Sorry, I know it’s picky but when everything else is so pretty and charming, big and clunky bare feet just don’t do it for me.

  6. this is possibly the greatest lookbook i have ever seen. i want to be her. thanks for sharing xx

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