Kaye Blegvad is a multi-talented illustrator / designer / thing-maker who is originally from london but now lives & works in brooklyn. she has a jewellery shop, a print shop and a blog that is amusingly called Kaye Blegvad’s Blogvad.


  1. I seriously was just blown away by this wonderful, multi-talented woman! Thank you so much for featuring her: thought-provoking, sweet, and, to top everything off, a wicked sense of humor. Well done, both.

  2. Love her style. I think the skull necklace is my favorite piece of jewelry (so cute!) but her illustrations are fantastic too! Thanks for sharing : )

  3. I have been looking for items just like the eye ring and the hands bracelets for a very long time, one of my childhood friend’s mother’s had beautiful pieces in that style when I was little and I have always wanted to one day find some for myself. Thank you for sharing Kaye Blegvad’s work with us, she’s very talented (and that sexy ghost illustration is hilarious!).

  4. You guyyyyyys! Being featured here made my day, and then seeing all these lovely comments just made it all over again. Thank you so much!

    I will personally give a handmade medal and a meal of cheese & carbs to anyone who goes as Sexy Ghost for Halloween this year.

  5. What a talented lady! It’s the perfect mix of simple, gorgeous, quirky (but not precious), and funny. Exactly my kind of thing. Thank you for sharing these!

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