MAN things have been pretty busy for me lately, which is why things are kinda slow around here this week – i do apologise. at the end of the month i will be moving into my new place (yippee!) and going semi-freelance, which is quite scary but also really exciting. that also means i’ll finally have more time to blog.

when i have busy weeks like this i completely neglect myself health wise. i don’t take much time to cook at the best of times (i have spoken about my food laziness before) but when i have no time to even think about food, let alone make it, i end up eating terribly terribly unhealthy things just to keep going. i could go days eating just white toast with bovril if i had to. but that of course takes its toll, and when you really need the energy it’s not wise to skimp on the veggies, eh?

so here are some food ideas for when you find yourself with no time to cook, but you don’t want to possibly die of scurvy. oh and please share any of your own quick & easy recipes and ideas in the comments!

edit: for everyone asking about the typefaces – i used Hera Big & Brandon Grotesque

please click on the images to be taken to the recipes and their creators


  1. These all sound delicious. I think I’ll be eating well tomorrow!
    I saw a delicious recipe in a magazine, literally peas, mint and a bit of crumbled feta with a lemon juice, oil & balsamic vinegar dressing. So simple but it looked so yummy.

    • that sounds so good. fresh herbs make all the difference to something as simple as the humble pea.

  2. These look yummy! I’m the same about food, and when things are hectic I practically drown in cereal and milk! These look too good to resist though – especially that caesar salad – a favourite of mine!

  3. Your site really is a compendium of radness! I’m so excited to check out these recipes. I’ve been looking for more on-the-go meals that are also healthy. Thank you!

  4. thanks for the recipes! I love cooking, but I like to keep it healthy and simple, Im a student, so I dont want to spend loads of cash on fancy meals… I dont normally link my blog in comments but I think you might like this recipe, its quick an features veggies as well –, and this is one takes up more time but is still under half an hour and very versatile – xxx

  5. YUM! these images with your delicious type totally make me want to cook… and i never really cook, haha.

  6. I was wondering if you would tell me what fonts were used for this post, they are AMAZING! Thank You.

  7. Just discovered your blog and I love it! One of my favorite easy meals is to make a batch of brown rice, then throughout the week I combine it with black beans, canned sweet corn (or fresh if you’re ambitious or have leftover), chunky salsa (I like black bean and corn but any salsa will do), avocado, cilantro if you have it, and a bit of shredded cheese. Obviously this is infinitely flexible for additional ingredients such as chopped tomato, shredded chicken and/or whatever you have on hand. It’s not the prettiest meal, but it’s quite easy, healthy and satisfying. Bon appetit!

  8. Love the images and type treatment! Think I will try the untraditional caesar and the breakfast salad. Looks wonderful and thanks for the post.

  9. love the fonts you chose! can’t wait to look through all of the recipes posted!

  10. My favorite: Slice up a red & orange pepper, dice up a tomato, toss in olive oil and pepper, lay out on a baking sheet. Slice halloumi cheese (a salty cheese that doesn’t melt all the way when hot), lay on baking sheet. Bake for around 15 minutes at 400F. While that’s baking, mix couscous & boiling water, let sit 5 minutes until water is soaked up, then add a couple tablespoons of pesto. Once the 15 minutes are up, mix everything together! Great hot and cold, I make this every couple weeks and it lasts for a few meals:)

  11. Oooh, I love your type treatment on these recipes! Definitely spruces up some already beautiful finds. Thanks for sharing, I find myself eating luna bars for meals waaay more often than I’d like because of time…these shall be great alternatives!

  12. I hope the stress levels die down for you Diana, don’t make me worry about you! And here’s to going semi-freelance; I hope it’s a total success for you so you can make it full-time freelance.


  13. Yea I’m definitely a Smitten Kitten fan too =*
    What is that fab font on those images?

  14. yumi! I allways make a similar soup to the 5 Minute Sundried Tomato Soup, but to make it more filling I add red lentils and let it cock for 10 minutes more. Great food to do alot and then just heat it up the next day.

  15. LOVE the graphic design on this post. i am so guilty of not eating well on busy days. coffee is lunch right? nope. i will definitely be trying these. anyway, some days i make this really quick & easy tuna melt. set your oven to broil, toast some english muffins first, drain a small can of tuna, mix with a tablespoon of mayonnaise, place a tbsp of mixture on the toasted english muffins, then some thinly-sliced cheddar on top, and a sprinkle of thyme, pop in the oven for 2 minutes. sounds pretty boring, i know, but it’s the time factor, the whole thing only takes me about 5 minutes to do, it’s pretty yummy and tuna = protein.

  16. I’m with everyone else – what is that amazing font you chose? great recipes.. and congrats on heading the freelance route, wishing you all the best!

  17. Thank you for this very generous round-up. I am especially excited about the faux pho. I live in a moderately sized town/city (Australia) that does not have a SINGLE Vietnamese restaurant. I absolutely love pho bo and like to try out different recipes. This one looks delicious.

    I am heading to the markets in the morning with my sister and I will see if I can find some lovely fresh mixed mushrooms.

  18. RAD post . Best of luck with semi breaking free. Here’s hoping you can go all the way.

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  20. you read my mind! i’ve been on the hunt for quick/healthy meals.
    My go to meals are rocket pesto pasta with frozen steam fresh veggies and left over roast chicken or turkey from the deli.
    grilled halloumi with salad (i use rocket, tomato, cucumber, red capsicum, olives and balsamic vinegar)
    or an open sandwich of hummus, swiss cheese, ham, cucumber and rocket (or iceberg or baby spinach works nice too).

  21. oh and if you have a meal with tomato juice (nice with salt) that’s an easy serve of vegetables. (one of the meals i mentioned above not the meal below!)

    For a sweet dinner once a week I like to eat natural greek yogurt with fruit and nuts. Now that it’s summer i’m having it with white nectarines, red cherries and hazel nuts, but you can use canned fruits too.

  22. So i just clicked on your “food” tag and almost died. for real, i died.
    thank you,

  23. here is to good eating even when time is scarce!

    i love your examples (especially the breakfast salad). breakfast for dinner is always a good option as it takes less time and always feels like a treat.

    i am also big on snacks and i rely on them even more when i am busy. some of my favourite snacks include medjool dates stuffed with blue cheese, dark chocolate with slices of pear, apples slices and cheddar cheese (i will always be loyal to this snack from my childhood), a bowl of clementines, banana and shredded coconut, hummus with veggies or dark bread and lots of lots of nuts, goji berries and dried fruit.

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