i haven’t been able to get the home of famed Danish furniture designer Børge Mogensen out of my mind all week. i keep going back to Bo Bedre to look at all the rooms and oooooh over the light, the furniture & all the wood detailing. the kitchen is over 50 years old and the cabinets look like they were installed yesterday. in the future when i wince at the price of a beautiful piece of furniture or get quoted something crazy for custom cabinetry i’ll remember this house and how quality keeps for decades. might have to steal his framing idea, too…

all images courtesy of Bo Bedre


  1. so friggin cool. that framing idea is pretty amazing. especially love the 1:1 scale technical drawing on the wall! (we should do that for buildings…)

  2. This is like a travel back in time for me! In the 70’s everything was brown (and orange) in the danish homes :D I like it, but it’s too old-school at the moment ;)
    – If you like Børge Mogensen, you might like Arne Jacobsen even better? (:

  3. Diana! I love your style, I love your musical taste and if everyone who loves your blog doesn’t follow you on twitter, they are missing out on some of the best tweets ever! Also, they should like you on facebook (though I am quite anti facebook, I liked you 2x)! I’m actually writing today becasue I wanted to share a website with you that you might like…http://fab.com/sale/
    XO Gwenny

    • thanks Gwen! so nice of you…

      unfortunately Fab.com doesn’t ship to South Africa…. story of my life ;)

  4. I like the sense of warmth that his designs have even though the style is minimal. I love your blog by the way. The colour comparisons especially … ironic that I’m commenting on the home post. Gotta love mid century modern!

  5. Oh damn. This home is cozy yet classy, modern but retaining some traditional elements – everything I want. I do love the framing idea as well

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  7. This house and everything in it makes me want to cry, cause I don’t live in it! So utterly gorgeous.

  8. I was there, before his wife died. This was soooo much HIM !! Luckily it is nopw owned by a passionate furniture-man. I have some of his (discontinued) designs, still. And a couple of prototypes as well (still). But (here) I see his own drawings of the chairs # 200-201 for Soborg MF.

  9. Lovely to read your words! I am the grand daughter of Børge Mogensen and this place has been my weekend house all my life. Now its been sold as my grandmother just passed away. Love!

  10. Wow, just beautiful. Borge Mogensen’s designs are truly fantastic, and seeing a house just chalked full of his Spanish chairs is a site.

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