today i’m handing over the reins to some excellent guest bloggers who will be sharing very cool posts over the next 2 weeks! i’ll still be on twitter, and possibly posting photos of my new place & its progression on instagram.

first up is Vic who you may know from photography projects like Other People’s Houses and 1010. she has a series on her blog called No Biggie that never fails to surprise me (and make me laugh).

Hello. It’s vic here. I just wanted to thank Diana for asking me to blog while she’s moving. It’s an honour to be able to tell you about my latest little project:

Every four years, we get an extra day at the end of February. A free 24 hours. This year, I wanted to make mine special, to really do something.

So I walked around central London with a friend with the intention of meeting 24 new people, taking their photos and putting them online. All in 24 hours.

We met a man who’s been selling fruit for 50 years. A woman who scouts models. We met someone who’s dreading saying goodbye, someone hoping for good news. We talked about Kanye West, about fashion, drama school, Miss Piggy and Jon Hamm, we talked about values and a sense of community. A couple of people thought we were crazy. Only two

people we asked said no. Mostly, we were reminded that people are surprising, interesting, open and kind. Everyone has a story to tell.

29th February, 2012 was:


  1. i spend my extra day with a very good friend of mine eating crepes… now that i’ve seen this it seems a little dull haha
    i love the pictures, so real and the stories! :)

  2. Did you realise that 5 of your 6 posts were wearing check shirts! I think the ubiquity of check is a remarkable recent phenomenon, especially in the UK! Lovely project and idea.

  3. This is the most awesome post! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! The photographs are beautiful…and so very real. I find it so interesting that people are willing to put themselves out there so…easily. Just delightful and beautiful!

  4. This project is so beautiful and inspiring! What a poetic way of contextualizing the oddity that is Feb 29th.

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