calm. down. that’s what i had to tell myself this morning. instead of closing my eyes & listening to chilled music, i had a look through the photography of Rhi Ellis, whose moody pictures of ice and water and cold and fog put me at ease.

all photographs by Rhi Ellis


  1. Beautiful. And moved my heart on what’s been a very difficult day so far. Thanks for the discovery.

  2. Thanks for sharing these beautiful Rhi Ellis photos. And for the link!
    Big hugs!

  3. Agh, I want to live inside these pictures, or at least take a short visit.

  4. ditto on the great color palette and the textures are amazing… the sweet animals at the end don’t hurt either.

  5. Have been feeling similarly tense with stress, these images made me feel calm again! I would love to visit one day and see that landscape for myself.

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  7. breathtaking. i feel so attached to these in a way i don’t know how to explain. there is always something that gets me when it comes to rocky mountains and fog. and of course those animals.

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