love this simple yet striking way ARTS&SCIENCE displays their s/s 2012 collection

ARTS&SCIENCE, shop & brand which bases itself in Tokyo, offers a aifestyle as a whole with fashion as one important essence. -To Wear, To Dwell, and To Eat- The owner and also the creative director Sonya Park, who also works as a fashion stylist, believes that only ‘genuine quality’ can mature and starts to carry personal value and age and time only adds to the perfection of the quality. This leads to her philosophy that fashion is a ‘tool’ in daily life rather than a ‘tool’ for vanity.

seen via all the mountains


  1. Just wanted to say I’ve been following your blog for a long time and I LOVE IT. It’s so inspiring and not like other blogs I follow where some things don’t appeal to me, I love EVERYTHING you post. Just saying Thank You!

  2. i work at a shop (worthwhile) that carries A&S. everything they make is just exquisite.

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