i really have to resist the urge to dip paint almost all of my furniture (and utensils) at the moment. every time i see something beautifully dipped online my eye slowly travels to the legs of my desk and i think… mmm.

this DIY dipped coral entry table by emily at the sweet beast is just perfect:

always keen on the crispness of white, the entire range of furniture from la clinica is right up my alley:

also a great way to get subtle hints of neon in your life. left: apartment therapy & right: koskela

you could even go the whole hog and use different colours, like this playful & colourful range from UM project:

it just seems so easy to do yourself… left: DIY by annixen & right: y stool by tim webber

if you’re not ready to commit to dipping large pieces of furniture, why not test the waters with your wooden kitchen utensils. here’s a great DIY by Kate – i love the way she hung them above her sink:

a DIY dipped tutorial from house of earnest:

another DIY, dipped chopsticks by poppytalk:

or, you know, just buy some dipped utensils. from wind and willow home:

and from anthropologie:


  1. This is happening to my wooden kitchen utensils TONIGHT. Maybe glass jars storing herbs and spices too.

  2. This is so beautiful and supereasy to do yourself! Such a fresh touch, I’ll have to keep this in mind when I get a place of my own in a few years! :)

  3. Absolutely ADORE the coral! And those dipped chopsticks are to cute for words. Would make the perfect, inexpensive gift!!!!

  4. Off of those dipped table legs have got my wheels turning too… My husband is out of town this weekend, so things all over the house might get a little dunk!

    Thank you for featuring my spoons! They were really fun to make.

  5. Yes, exactly. This trend is one I am all over, so much so I have a little DIY planned for my new office area. If it works out I’ll let you know, if not, I will hide in shame and disappointment, haha.

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