i can be a real grump when it comes to the wedding industry. overly elaborate ceremonies, staged props (usually of the cutesy & vintage variety) and terribly cheesy wedding photography that’s photoshopped within an inch of its life makes me sigh audibly. i find most of it completely unnecessary, and it distracts from what the day is supposed to be about. so when i come across honest weddings and, best of all, honest wedding photographers i feel a glimmer of hope.

Deon & Reni are a couple who live in Cape Town and shoot weddings under the moniker Modern Hearts (now Deon and Reni). i first came across their work because they captured the beautiful wedding of my friend Peter-Allan & his wife Nicolene. i also loved the intimate wedding of Gary & Claire that they shot in Durban. really looking forward to seeing more work from these two… if you’re getting married in South Africa one of these days be sure to contact them!

all photographs by Modern Hearts


  1. Great photography. I know what you mean about some wedding photography- often way too styled and then the image of the wedding becomes more important than the actual getting married part.

  2. Our wedding what modern hearts as well. :)
    Unconventional, in a back yard, with a woman imam – women are not allowed to be imams, but we insisted we wanted a woman to do the ceremony – and after the ceremony, my husband and I and our 30 guests walked around in a local farm for our pictures.
    Wouldn’t change a thing. No banquet halls please. ;)

  3. I couldn’t agree more about honest weddings. Why do people think it’s ok to spend THOUSANDS on one day of essentially, showing off? It’s supposed to be a day to celebrate the love between two people, regardless of how much you can spend. These photos are exquisite and bring me joy in my (somewhat bitter) wedding heart!

  4. Absolutely incredible photography. I also agree with you 100%, I love that you’ve labeled them, “honest wedding photographers”. I have a few friends you aregetting married, thanks for this. :)

  5. I totally get what you mean. I hate it when it’s all staged or when couples have to do the obligatory walk around town dragging my dress around and posing among other by-goers thing.

    Although I do have to admit that I went to a lavish and over the top wedding (well, to my standards) of a family member who was marrying a fancy British guy and it was the most beautiful wedding (dress, ceremony, setting) I’ve ever seen. But their wedding photos were really posed, lol.

    I’d love to have an intimate beautiful wedding like the first couple. A wedding that reflects who my and my future partner are. I love those candles placed everywhere!

  6. I might move to Cape Town just to have my wedding photographed by them! What a talent, and what a gorgeous wedding, truly inspiring.

  7. Oh that’s just lovely! I totally agree with you, these photographers stand out from the crowd and know what a wedding really is about!

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  9. Peter-Allan’s wedding looks awesome. didn’t even realise he got married!

  10. I also recently discovered this talented duo and can’t wait to see more, their work is a breath of fresh air!

  11. gorgeous! they’re really talented… can even make the simple things like so beautiful. i wish i could have a wedding re-do and hire them!

  12. i loved this post and as a photographer who is thinking about doing weddings this was very important for me. i’m not married and don’t think i’ll ever be, we’re together, we’ve adopted a dog and we’re a family. no need for such official anything. therefore i don’t feel related at all with some kind of ceremonies and that got me thinking about my work as a photographer and what kind of occasions i want to be involved, because i need to believe in what is happening around me in order to capture it. i loved their approach though i love a little bit more of light. but one thing you hit the spot, they are honest wedding photographers, what it is there, it’s the way they capture it. and i related to that! ops, huge comment here! sorry!

  13. these are absolutely beautiful. I appreciate honest photography as well & have had such a hard time zeroing in on anyone in my area. too bad these two aren’t stateside!

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