The Hellers is comprised of brother & sister duo Dania and Yoram Heller, who are based out of Tel Aviv and LA. their Spring Summer 2012 line Wild Child of the Aeolian Isles was inspired by the Brontë sisters – imagine Jane Eyre, off on a sun glazed trip to the Aeolian Islands…

On a meaningful trip to Sicily Dania was on last summer, Dania caught up with Cary Fukunaga’s 2011 film version of Jane Eyre. The independent spirit that the story cries out just struck a note with the thoughts of what it means to try and create freely in this time that we live in – especially creating fashion, such a passionate yet highly commercialized field (especially in the last decade).

What came out was the perhaps the most delicate and mature Hellers’ collection yet: oval shapes, metallic bursts, crazy prints – being tamed by a sense of a prim veil reigning it all. It’s a journey where the Bronte’s Jane Eyre leaves the gray moors, and flies off to sunny, musical beaches.


  1. None of the looks remind me of Jane Eyre per se, but the idea is so very cool! I want more fashion lines inspired by literature :)

  2. That bird print is awesome — although the more I look at it the more it makes me crosseyed with the red and blue shadowing; is it 3D?!
    More Bertha Mason than Ms Eyre though, I reckon — I do get a kick out of the idea of the Bronte women on a sisters holiday.

  3. Such pretentious silliness – and an insult to the Bronte sisters as well as Mr. Fukunaga. Did they actually WATCH the movie?

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