i had to put a devastating end to my love affair with ASOS because having anything shipped into South Africa usually ends up costing a fortune in customs charges* – but if i was living across the pond i’d definitely be snapping up some of these pieces from the ASOS SALON collection

Feminine and frivolous, our ASOS SALON collection takes inspiration from vintage style, with beautiful appliqué finishes, floral shapes and a palette of sugary, ice-cream shades shot through with bold pops of neon colour. ASOS Salon offers a covetable capsule collection of occasionwear pieces with a ladylike aesthetic.


left: Neon Embroidery Mesh Midi / right: Drop Waist With Scallop Cut Outs


left: Pencil Dress with Anglaise / right: Kaftan Dress with Bright Embroidery


left: Neon Mesh Maxi Dress / right: Floral Midi Prom Dress


left: Dress with Applique Panel / right: Floral Bandeau Dress

*(this actually goes for most online shopping sites – so it’s probably a good thing for my bank balance)


  1. WOW!!! These dresses are amazing…..but the Kaftan dress with Bright embroidery stole my heart!!!

  2. I thought asos had free delivery worldwide? Anyway, these dresses are beautiful and I love that they’re longer than the usual minis from the site (and everywhere else).

    • @ Rasa & Daria – delivery is free, but in south africa we get charged custom taxes on any international parcels… usually it just works out to be way too expensive than its worth.

  3. Oh wow these are gorgeous… I never see anything on the ASOS Website, but maybe I’m just not looking hard enough :P

  4. Probably some of the most beautiful dresses I have ever seen! I won’t buy them though because I wouldn’t have many opportunities to wear anything that amazing in the near future. Prices are reasonable.

  5. Oh no! I just ordered a whole lot of stuff on ASOS.I am quite stressed about the customs tax now.
    Do you know what the rates are?
    Beautiful dresses!

  6. Hi all – I’ve placed 2 orders on ASOS in Jan and Febr respectively. however they do not get delivered. The Post office returned to sender without trying to deliver. I did not get a notification, and impossible to track otherwise. the other option is to pay for Intl courier fees which are 33 pounds. eish.

    If it wasn’t for the fact that you actually can’t get it – I would continue to purchase! so beautifull – there is nothing locally that comes close to ASOS! :-(

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