hey, you didn’t forget about my Food & Fashion Mash-Up collaboration with Bon Appétit, did you? well, here’s some more! who wouldn’t want to look like a cream puff… i ask you.

Bon Appétit Trois

Photograph by Marcus Nilsson / Style shot by Jak & Jil
Get the recipe: Vietnamese Iced Coffee

Bon Appétit Trois

Photograph by Hirsheimer & Hamilton / Style shot by The Sartorialist
Get the recipe: Wild Salmon Crudo

Bon Appétit Trois

Photograph by Zach DeSart / Style shot by Courtney D’Alesio
Get the recipe: Agave Margarita

Bon Appétit Trois

Photograph by Marcus Nilsson / Style shot by Courtney D’Alesio
Get the recipe: Peruvian Ceviche

Bon Appétit Trois

Photograph by Marcus Nilsson / Style shot by Courtney D’Alesio
Get the recipe: Cream Puffs

Bon Appétit Trois

Photograph by Randy Harris / Style shot by Team Peter Stigter
Get the recipe: Strawberries with Chamomile Cream

see the rest of my colour comparison mash-ups here


  1. I love this series so much! I mean I love fashion, and I love food, it’s a no-brainer! But the matches are way clever and always, always pretty.

  2. Lovely, as always! I still remember your first time posting this type of mash-up and how you said it might be way out there — looks like you had your finger on the pulse!

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  4. came across this via a tweet from the creamery…and i love it!
    love the combos; love the photographs!

  5. Oh goodness, this inspires me so much. I adore this. I just love how you can combine photos and make them something even more beautiful. xxx

  6. Your mash-ups are our favourite thing you do! It manages to make us both hungry AND inspired.
    Always a delight. Thanks Miss Moss xx

    KUWAII xx

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  8. I’m totally excited about this post! I feel like eating something today that matches my oufit or the other way around :) Since we are having a bbq today I see looooots of opportunities flashing before my eyes!

  9. Hannah Hussain Reply

    To Miss Moss,

    I am a nottingham trend Fashion Promotion and Communcation student.

    I am currently doing my final report health and beauty. I plan to suggest the creation of an ‘edible beauty’ cafe, that sells teas and juices made from 100% natural ingriendents. I was really hoping I could speak to you because your blog is very inspiring to my project as im looking to the merging of food and fashion. I also want to include your blog as the main case study in my report. Was hoping to conduct an interview with you over email, just asking you a few questions about consumers and the growing health trends.

    Thank You for your time it would be massively appreciated and be really beneficial to my work.

    Many Thanks

    Hannah Hussain

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