Georgian photographer Mariam Sitchinava is oft-covered around these parts, so it’s no surprise that i’m keen to share her lovely new project Crown:

This project expresses my desire of depicting women’s inner colour pallete alongside with their beautifullness with the help of flora. Thirteen Georgian girls aging 17 to 23 had a freedom of making their own crowns.

…you can also buy prints of any of the photographs from the series at her etsy shop.

all photographs by Mariam Sitchinava


  1. have loved her work for ages, thanks to you. what an idea, what a thing to do and to do so well, so personally. stunning. loving the yellow daisies lady and the mountain woman with the hair in her face. those faces! those eastern bones. love how she expressed it, ‘had a freedom of making their own crowns’.

  2. I was looking through these beautiful pictures thinking, “I wish it were no big deal to walk around with flower crowns,” when I saw the final picture and realized that a similar crown (minus the feathers and beads) would be pretty cool with a random weekend outfit. Lovely. :)

  3. Absolutely incredible. The creativity and the women! Nice work:)

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