the type of food that’s been catching my eye lately is dark, dark, dark. beautiful dark photography and even beautifully dark food. i would love nothing more than to sit in a dimly lit room with a massive table piled with plates of these foods in front of me, like some over the top medieval feast. i have been listening to a LOT of Stuff you missed in History Class* podcasts lately, so stories of kings and queens of long ago who indulged their every gluttonous whim are perhaps at the forefront of my mind.

not that you have to be a royal to enjoy any of these dishes – click through to be taken to the recipes.

some kind of amazing pie by what katie ate:

guinness chocolate cake by call me cupcake:

cheese souffle by souvlaki for the soul:

blackberry goat cheese tart by always with butter:

how to make paneer at home by journey kitchen:

the saturday sandwich by nikole herriott:

the best roast chicken you’ll ever have by caitlin of roost for cup of jo:

chocolate churros by mowielicious:

oreo olallieberry chocolate layer cake shots by dessert for breakfast:

* man i am really loving podcasts, listening to them on my commute and even while i’m working is a lifesaver to pass the time. besides stuff you missed in history class i’m really into this american life (obviously) and the moth. got any more suggestions to throw my way?


  1. Love the mood of this post! I really enjoy restaurants with that sort of atmosphere, and the hearty, simple foods that seem to go along with it.

    Podcasts kept us sane when I worked at a bakery — Radiolab (so good) and Stuff You Should Know are also really enjoyable!

  2. Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History is great but lives up to its name. Deconstructing Dinner (archived, they are on hiatus) has some mind blowing info.

  3. The styling in these photos is perfection and the images so beautiful. Something about food photography makes me incredibly happy! Thank you for sharing sites I’ve not yet discovered.

  4. Every morning before I get out of bed I listen to the Writer’s Almanac. It’s a short daily podcast about literary history and always a poem at the end. The perfect thing to draw me out of my dream state.

  5. Great images! I have been making dark work for the last couple of years and am just starting to make light paintings again. I have some ideas for darks in my pocket though. Also podcasts: to me, the very best one is Radiolab.

  6. I second Radiolab, and would suggest Freakonomics Radio too, if you like TAL.

    I personally love Greg Proops’s The Smartest Man in the World podcast — an hour’s worth of stand-up comedy, always featuring some comment on current affairs. Often US-centric but he does his best to reflect worldwide events too. I really enjoy Answer Me This! as well — two English friends (plus their soundman, who is also the husband of one of the main duo) attempt to answer listeners’ questions on all kinds of everything; more for entertainment value than enlightenment, though.

    Gotta love BBC podcasts like Thinking Allowed (weekly social science discussion programme: frequently fascinating); In Our Time (each week they take a literary or historical or culturally important subject, such as Voltaire’s Candide or the Battle of Bosworth Field, and get three academics on to bring you up to speed on it in about 40 minutes); Desert Island Discs (an interviewee goes on the show, picks seven songs they’d take with them if they were cast alone on to a desert island, and tells the presenter why these songs mean so much to them); currently greatly enjoying The Listening Project (recording real-life conversations amongst friends and family members for posterity).

    Ooh! I also like Last Words, another one by the BBC — it’s an obituary programme that’s not in the least morbid, but is actually incredibly life-affirming and wonderful. You learn about all sorts of people you’ve never heard of, and the amazing things they’ve achieved.

  7. Sorry, just realised that my website link above is incorrect (d’oh!) — the one on this comment IS correct!

  8. Savage Love with Dan Savage- hilarious and SMART sex and relationship advice!

  9. Nice choice of pictures! I get into the whole dark aesthetic in winter too. Donna Hay magazine issue 57 had some great shots like these; it’s so inspiring to see bloggers doing work that matches some of the best magazines out there!

  10. You have to hear Radiolab- its amazing and sort of like a science version of This American Life- only better!! I also love this crazy podcast called the Pod F. Thompkast- you have to listen to the episodes in order. Rambly and silly, but I love his sense of humor. I also look forward to Who Charted which goes over the top movies and music but mostly they just crack jokes with their guest. Oh and the New Yorker Fiction Podcast is wonderful! And WTF with Marc Maron has some really intense but great interviews. I could keep going- podcasts get me through work!

  11. I second Savage Love and Under the Influence! Another amazing CBC podcast that I absolutely never miss is Definitely Not the Opera (DNTO). Similar to TAL in a lot of ways but heavier on the story-telling.

    Also, if you haven’t heard Alec Baldwin’s podcast yet (Here’s the Thing), do yourself a huge favour and listen to his interview with Kristen Wiig. Best moment of my week: realizing I was only halfway through listening to the interview:)

  12. Love your site and these photographs! I couldn’t survive my day without podcasts- DEFINITELY check out (on iTunes…free)
    Snap Judgement
    The Moth podcast
    the TED radio hour
    All Songs Considered
    The Dinner Party Download

    (also…check out the library for audiobooks)

    happy listening!

  13. Thank you for the new podcast recommendation – I will have to look in to it! I really like a lot of the other ones people have mentioned, but should also add Selected Shorts, which I’ve loved for years, ever since hearing it on the radio on a long drive a few years ago. Nice short stories read by actors, occasionally the authors themselves, which is a great way to get to know some good short stories (I learned of all of my favorites from them, including “St. Lucy’s Home for Girls Raised by Wolves”). They’re on itunes but their website is

  14. The food looks amazing and the photography is just beautiful! A still life painting, each one.

  15. Dianaaaaa thank you for posting about your podcast faves and inspiring all these readers to comment on theirs too! Time to give my brain some exercise, yay! xx

  16. Love the darkness and the food looks delicious! I’m definitely going to have a listen to the podcasts too!

  17. These photos are G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S!!! I love the dark and seductive atmosphere. It makes the food look even more tempting and mouth-watering. Uh-mazing! <3

  18. amazing group of food photography! delicious and stunning… as for podcasts, i’m addicted to fresh air with terry gross! her interviews are always so diverse and well done. and ditto on radiolab, moth, ted talks.

  19. Reminds me of 17th century Dutch paintings of food … often rotting, reminding us of the transience of life.

  20. If you’re into current events and hilarity, Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me has never failed me. Clever and sassy and Carl Kasell, everything you want and more in a podcast. Also yes @ Fresh Air w/Terry Gross (and This American Life, which you mentioned)! NPR is clearly the only wheelhouse I have.

    These photos are great for quelling monitor-induced headaches. That last one is phenomenal.

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