my mind is occupied with two main obsessions at the moment: finding & wearing the perfect winter boot, and cooking up decorating schemes for my apartment. these are unrelated topics, yet inexplicably intertwined – as i plan on happily stomping around my flat while wearing said boots.

never mind the boots for now, let’s talk about those decor schemes.

art & shelving is the main thing on the agenda. my plan is thus: put a few BIG pictures on the walls (i have grown tired of gallery walls, which i used to have in my old apartment) – and i mean BIG. and then figure out some kind of shelving system i can use on one wall that can act as a gallery rail of sorts for a variety of smaller pictures.

this apartment is filled with HUGE paintings, some of which are super bright which i LOVE.

the example from this apartment is slightly smaller, but still big & bright enough to make a great impact:

two by two is cool too – i love the prints (and everything else) in anouck lepere’s apartment so much:

low hanging posters with some kind of shelving / storage system underneath = yes. i would steal the posters in this apartment (left) in a second, and love the contrast of that big white poster against the dark wall in this home (right):

which brings me to something else, creating an impact in your entryway – those low hooks are handy too:

as for shelving – this is a perfect example of using shelving to display pictures:

as is this:

if you’re looking for a way to do shelving yourself, check out these rad stirrup shelf brackets by Quarter Twenty – what an ingenious idea:

could also just nix the shelving and use a low bookshelf to display things:

something else i’ve been thinking about is how to bring more colour into the place. i have mostly wooden furniture, and a light grey couch – so things can get too neutral pretty easily. i like the idea of colourful glassware & ceramics… like this kumquat pitcher at anthropologie:

beautiful blenko glassware in this home:

fun colourful ceramics in this apartment:

an obvious way to bring in more colour is by using paint, even though it’s not something i really want to attempt in a rented apartment (if i ever own property one day i will probably go MAD with paint colours)

have come to adore a rosey blush pink – which needs to be accessorised correctly to avoid it becoming too girly:

another idea is painting the ceiling:

here are some other random interior things i like…

exquisite lighting by ania pauser:

this collage by erin dollar:

windowsill herb pots by nick fraser:

simple magazine rack by gauzak:

and, these hilarious salt & pepper penguins by holaria:


  1. I really want to get huge bright paintings for my house too, just a few pieces to accent the space instead of a million little frames everywhere.

  2. I’m in the process of making those shelves….going to be called the Munka shelf in pine, oak, mahogany and teak. Will put pics up on when they’re done – lengths in 1m and 1,5m

  3. Thank you! This was a wonderful and wonderfully useful post. I am furnishing a new flat and this has given me some great ideas.

  4. Wow, just stumbled across my collage in this post, as I was catching up on posts I’d missed. I’m so flattered you chose to feature my work here, thanks so much!

  5. Love Erin’s collage and also the yellow ceiling against the grey concrete wall (I have a thing about grey and yellow).

    Good luck with your quest for the perfect pair of winter boots. It sounds weird to hear you talk about buying winter boots when here in the northern hemisphere I’m searching for the perfect pair of summer sandals.

  6. Ooh la! Popping colour and Ania Pauser lighting – now I’m glad I have a half furnished flat! Gorgeous and inspirational – and thanks to Nicole for CT @home tips too!

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  8. Lorana Cook Reply

    I’d love to know how you achieved the “concrete” wall in the picture of the kitchen with a yellow ceiling.

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