i suppose i have been kind of shoe obsessed around here lately – and this is of course because i am truly shoe obsessed in real life at the moment. at the moment? all. the.time. it’s quite difficult finding really nice (affordable) shoes in south africa, so that’s why a lot of my internet daydreaming is shoe related.

this editorial was shot by nina leen in 1946 for life magazine. as you can see the theme is matching shoes… and i mean literally matching to your outfit – not just matching your shoes to your handbag (which i find pretty ridiculous and outdated, let them clash i say). it’s a really fun and fashion-forward editorial considering this was the mid-fourties, and i wouldn’t mind snapping up the plaid booties in the second to last image… but i’d keep the hat at home.

all images courtesy of the life image archives.


  1. It’s strange how ridiculous the pairing looks. But it’s sweet also to note how much care is put into a woman’s wardrobe. It remind’s me of when I visit my grandmother in Klerksdorp and all the ‘tannies’ outfits are paired up to the max.

  2. This is totally rad! I feel ya on the shoe thing. I feel like I have been obsessed with shoes too and can’t find any that are awesome without the heavy price tag.

    btw thanks for the rug/kilim listings! I think I may have found the perfect one for my place :)

  3. I find those pictures so funny, but I am not sure if that was their intention at the time.

  4. bizarro! love the woman at the top, i desperately want her long tweed shorts and socks, but maybe not her elf shoes. however, i do think we should all wear lace gloves again everywhere we go.

  5. I find funny how they went as far as covering the sides of the soles with the fabric. It’s an interesting idea, but wouldn’t it be quite impractical unless you almost only own skirts/shorts/accessories in one single pattern (or maybe two)? Also, don’t you think the model in the first photo resembles Léa Seydoux?

  6. As odd as these look, these women are still more put together than most people you see wandering around today. I actually really like the pigeon feeder’s shoes. I would wear those today!

  7. I really appreciate how much thought went into getting dressed in previous decades. I’m not sure I’d be able to keep up with it, though! Did one buy shoes, shirts, hats, and pocketbooks all at once? Make them at home? Or is this a rare sampling of models in a planned editorial? We may never know.

  8. Oh my my… Diana, your blog is Evil :) It somehow teases me to stop by every time I have an illustration deadline and voilà, I’m hooked, spending hours daydreaming through your pictures :)
    Thanks for being such an inspiration!

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