Matt Wisniewski is a self-taught artist & web developer who creates beautiful photo collages (or “visual experiments” as he likes to call it) in his free time. you can view his latest work at his tumblr and his website, and read an interview with him over at Yatzer.


  1. I blogged about his work before, but thanks for reminding me. I forgot how amazing his images are, I won’t to start experimenting with this technique right now!

  2. These are lovely!
    The picture of the boy with glasses with a mountain above his head is a young Jack Layton, a famous canadian politician who recently passed away

  3. so fun and beautiful! i guess he uses images he just finds on the web to collage?

  4. These are absolutely incredible, I could stare at them for hours! How do you constantly find such inspirational artists and designers?

  5. I really like these! A unique yet simple idea that produces such powerful images – brilliant!

  6. The penultimate image is my favourite I think – the girl with the rock face for hair.

  7. I found the 3rd photo on the web but couldn’t remember the source. So thank you for posting and sourcing. You always find great inspiration! I love the storytelling of these, these seem deep and complex. Enjoy your day.

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  9. ATTN: these are all stolen copyrighted images that the “artist” did not ask permission to use… such a bummer. one of the photographs is of a friend and made by a friend, jody rogac…

  10. These are amazing! I like to imagine that they are visible maifestations of the subjects thoughts…

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