i was browsing through my brother’s huge collection of architectural inspiration when i came across the Raymond Loewy House designed by Albert Frey. Raymond Loewy was an industrial designer notable for his work on the coca-cola bottle, the shell logo, the lucky strike pack and many other iconic designs. he even appeared on the cover of Time in 1949. so i guess it goes without saying that such a brilliant creative mind would live in an equally brilliant creative home.

Designed by Palm Springs architect Albert Frey, built in 1946-47 as a bachelor retreat, and expanded later when Loewy got married. Loewy’s home is a typical Palm Springs modernist villa with a low-slung pavilion and plenty of glass providing striking views of desert, mountains, and the pool and garden… making the private oasis complete. Loewy despised “bad modern” design, especially furniture, so the size, shape, and rooms of the home and furnishings were kept simple and spare. It is a demure house of small size but generous impact.

quote & images courtesy of  Faustian Urge


  1. oh,WOW

    Such an amaizing house!totally love it,you’ve got the feeling that Marylin is hanging around in some of the pictures as well;)

  2. Beautiful, a mid century dream! I love how the fitted carpet goes up to the edge of the pool!!

  3. Wow ! Thank you for showing these picture , I’m in rainy London right now
    and those images have perked me up ,what a dream of a place , I wonder if it still exists ?

  4. I am a palm springs architecture FREAK and these pictures almost made me have a heart attack. What I would give to have this house! I love the rock in the pool, and of course that classic mid century glass-wall-with-long-curtains look. UNGH.

  5. great photos! i’ve just expanded my archi library a bit more, thanks!
    for the ultimate in mid-century Palm Springs modernism, nothing beats the Kaufmann House of course (Richard Neutra, 1946).
    but there weren’t as many babes hanging around it though…

  6. God, that is gorgeous. My practical self does question the use of carpet so near a pool though. If it were my pool, the carpet would be soaked! But honestly, I think I could get over that if I had such a view of cacti and mountains to swim beside.

  7. They could be from a Bond film, couldn’t they. Was it Diamonds are Forever, where the two sexy ladies/martial arts experts aptly named Thumper and Bambi emerge from a pool like the one above? Cx

  8. Yea Stacey! Isn’t it the house from an episode of Mad Men?? Im pretty sure it is.

  9. Grace Hendo Reply

    My jaw has literately dropped! I honestly wish I could go back in time to this magnificent oasis. Truly beautiful architecture!

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