i’m going to revive the photo bomb series because my flickr favourites are so vast, but i’ve decided to share new, old and favourite photographers theme by theme because otherwise all you get is a disconnected bunch of photos and this isn’t tumblr, folks. if you want to explore past flickr favourites in the archives, you can check out the photo bombflickr tags… or just browse the photography category.

so for this week’s photo bomb the theme is animals & pets. i’m pretty starved for animal love right now, since moving earlier this year i don’t get to see my family’s pooches all too often, and i live in an apartment that doesn’t allow pets. at the moment it’s fine because i’m not home all too often anyway and that is super unfair on a cat or a dog (especially if you don’t have a garden), but it also means that i fawn over basically every single animal i get to see in real life. if you’re walking down the street with your dog (or cat? maybe you’re into that) then i WILL stop and say hi. to your animal, i will probably ignore you completely.

please click on the photo to be taken to the original on flickr.

by lupe bracaccini

by alexis mire

by Fat Montana

by Parker Fitzgerald

by Matthew Harris

by junku

by Chad Siddall

by Federico Ciamei

by françois duquesnoy

by Lauri Beckmans

by Marshall Ryan

by Clara Canepa


  1. I totally know how you feel. I lived in London for a few years and couldn’t have an animal for the same reason you can’t. And so I totally would hijack dogs in the park and pounce on them to hug and maul them, much to their owners’ bemusement. First thing I did when I got back to CT was get a house with a garden and 2 rescue hounds. Anyway, rad pics also…

  2. Aww. I am the exact same way. Can’t have pets here so whenever I go home, I go crazy on the family pup…and in the meantime I react to seeing a dog the same way my friends react to seeing a cute baby.

  3. I so relate…When I lived in NYC a pet was pretty much out of the question, but now, living in SoCal I get to share my home with two amazing rescues (Clementine and Noodle) I still fawn over every single dog (or cat :) I pass on the street and now I have my husband doing the same. I think it scares people a little but i just can’t help it! These photos are just lovely, thanks for sharing!


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  5. awwww animal love is always welcome :)

    and it´s great to get to know some more flickr users than i had not noticed yet!

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