simply LOVE the music video for Devil Fool by Be Brave Benjamin directed by Pablo Maestres. so beautifully shot, and an awesome concept… it’s strangely fun to watch people teetering on the precipice of disaster.

Devil Fool

above: behind the scenes photos by Lúa Ocaña

video credits: Direction: Pablo Maestres / Production Manager: Blanca Esteller & Laia Barot / DOP: Marc Miró / Production Designer: Anna Colomer / Director Assistant: Marc Pujolar / Wardrobe: Agnés Costa / Drawings: Genís Argol

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  1. The images in themselves are beautiful -especially the last ones, in total silence and slow motion.
    However i find this video extremely ‘deranging’. Leaves a weird impression. (which is probably because it is good)

  2. Oh my! i’ve been reading your blog since basically the beginning and love it. but THIS – this is really crazy, as ben and a lot of the people in and behind the video are super close friends of mine. HAHA love that you put it up! Mims

  3. Was just checking your blog to see if you had seen this so that if not, I could share it with you but you’re always one step ahead, Miss Moss ;)

    P.S. LOVING your Beautiful Life mix tape. Currently on repeat (very loudly of course) and serving as the soundtrack to my life.

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