if you’re like me you probably like settling down with a cup of coffee and the weekend newspaper on a sunday morning and flip straight to the property section where you play the always fun game if i had a billion rand / dollars / pounds which house would i buy?

this game would be about 1000 times funner if the visuals in the property sections were on par with what’s going on at Fantastic Frank. this swedish real estate agency styles & photographs the homes in their property portfolio so beautifully that you’d want to move in right away.

A home is more than the size and space between the dwelling walls. Our minds are more affected by light and colors, the sounds and structures than of a designed chair. We feel good when we are inspired, when we feel that there is a purpose to what we surround ourselves with. When the home has a character we can have a relationship with it.

It is when you look at the property in nature as you can see who will live in the next. Therefore, when characterful homes passed, the goal is always to reach the few who love the home, rather than to reach very many people who just like it. It is the philosophy behind the way we convey housing, and that is why Fantastic Frank created.

all images courtesy of Fantastic Frank


  1. I do the same thing, it’s so painful, but so amazing at the same time. This is gorgeous! I love the Persian rugs on the cement floor.

  2. Stunning! I love that kitche/dining area, everything is perfect, the space, the cabinet/open shelving, the yellow light. Lovely! And that’s my coffee table :)

  3. All of this is perfect. They can come to my current home any time and style it just because. (You know, if I had a billion dollars, that is…)

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