these digitally printed blouses by Due are simply beautiful.


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  1. Number three- perfect for a Pathology exam final. Definitely give the examiners something to remember.

  2. I am new to your blog and loving every post as I delve into your archives. Love that you do music compilations as well, I used to do that on my blog and this inspires me to get back to it. Anyhow, you have great taste and your blog is rockin’ my world, so thanks!

  3. lacey kalivoda wheatley Reply

    Hmm, the link doesn’t work… I would love to see their shop or website… can you fix the link? These blouses are gorgeous!!!

  4. Love these. Safly the link is broken. Can you repost to the link to the shop. Thanks!

  5. These are amazing! The link to the Etsy shop is down? Or it looks like the shop doesn’t exist anymore?? Sadness.

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