the latest collection from Ermie is like eating rainbow ice cream cake with my eyes. designer Jennifer Parry Dodge manipulates images in Photoshop to create her distinctive textiles designs. you can read an interview with her here. her latest collection also includes jewellery by Ancient Pocket and accessories by Cheryl Cambas. the lookbook was photographed by Kate Miss.


  1. The shapes are lovely. Especially the wrappy dress. These prints make me want to paint with watercolors…and make smoothies…

  2. Thank you so much!
    I am honored to be featured on your beautiful blog. You have such a wonderful way of presenting the work of so many skilled artists and designers in a cleanly designed–but compelling– way. Lovely, thank you!

    @ginger: Best reaction to my collection I have heard so far: “These prints make me want to paint with watercolors…and make smoothies…” Yes!!

  3. Thats a nice and cute collection. The colours and the patterns are very special and extraordinary. The dresses look very flower power and natural. As well as the jewellery looks playful.

    All the Best
    Andi Smith

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