Megan & Rose Martin are the gals behind Fig & Fauna, a blog that documents life on Megan & her husband Michael’s farm in the south of Florida (Megan and Rose are sisters-in-law). they keep chickens, cows, dairy goats and rabbits and use the ingredients sourced from the homestead and surrounding farms to make the recipes featured on the site (a cookbook is in the works). Make sure to watch the video below shot by Tiger in Jar that shows the pace of farm life so beautifully.


  1. Stunning blog, thanks for the introduction – it looks like paradise! Where can I get one of those bunnies?

  2. You have an incredible blog, I’m really happy that I found it, definitely following you! Also thanks for sharing Fig&Fauna, looks like an interesting blog.

  3. OMG…. I want that to be my life!

    Makes me want to go live on a small holding even though I’m a city girl. TORN!

  4. I’ve been a reader of your blog for a while now but this is my first time commenting. Thanks for sharing these wonderful photographs! I love food posts. I’m always left inspired every time I visit your blog.

  5. i love love the picture of the babygirl holding the feather next to the goat… i was just thinking of that yesterday and now i see it here too, nice post :)

  6. I am very much looking forward to making the focaccia… The video has a very calming energy; I really enjoyed it!

  7. So beautiful. I’d never been to that blog before, but I’m totally following now. I want to make the focaccia bread they posted!

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  9. LOVE the little girl’s romper/bathing suit in photo#4! Anyone know where it’s from, or is it handmade?


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