i haven’t really been paying attention to the fall 2012 couture shows, not until Kristina tweeted that the Givenchy collection must have drawn some inspiration from Game of Thrones. I’m actually surprised that Hamish Bowles didn’t mention that in his review, even though there was an entirely direwolf-like dog present. so, you know, i just couldn’t help myself.

Game of Givenchy

Game of Givenchy

Game of Givenchy

Game of Givenchy

Game of Givenchy

Game of Givenchy

Game of Givenchy

Game of Givenchy


  1. Wow lovely post. I’m a huge GoT fan and the clothes are beautiful.

  2. Awesome post! I especially love the little flash of leg in the dress in the second photo, perfect amount of sexy.

  3. I definitely see the connection and I cannot wait for season 2 to come out on DVD. I think the dresses you’ve put next to Daenerys and Tywin are my favorites. The detail on everything is just magnificent!

  4. Ah, it has been bugging me, I just couldn’t put my finger on it. But you’re absolutely right! I already commented that I found the collection evocative, haunting and very thought-provoking, but now I think it may be because somewhere in my subconscious dormant emotions related to GoT were being aroused.

  5. Ha, I love this, you did such a perfect job– and your choice of screenshots from the show make me laugh! That last one– sad moment!

  6. Yes! Made my friday. And, as Sam says, Diana, you are REAL good at this juxtaposition game! :)

  7. Diana this is ridiculously amazing I love it. luh uh uh uhv it. oh and your mixtapes which are now on a good Selah rotation. thank you for working on these they amazing. actually I think Craig and Karin both are playing them too so you’re beginning to voice the Woodstock Foundry. so rad yo

  8. I loved this collection, and your comparisons are spot on! Direwolves! Armour! (can you tell that I’m a GoT fan?) I’m really loving the juxtapositions in Givenchy’s latest collections… I described the last one as “Maoris taking over Downton Abbey”. Stunning.

  9. This is an amazing post. Thank you so much for compiling this!
    I’m always awed by the fashion in GoT, so it’s really cool to see it reimagined by this designer.
    ♥ xixia

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  12. Game of Thrones? No idea what you’re talking about. That one next to Brienne might as well be a curried banana for all the resemblance it bears to her.

    Even Joffrey is staring in bewilderment at the piece next to him. Rasberries? Strawberries? Blood-filled buboes? No idea how that is supposed to reflect him at all.

    A good thing the designer isn’t claiming to have been inspired by GoT, she would soon be sent to the wall.

  13. I’m an avid reader of the book series and a fan of the tv series and though some of those designs are gorgeous the similarities to GoTs designs are minimal at best. I must say the statement claiming similarities based on the fact that a model is standing beside a german shepherd in one shot is really clutching at straws.

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